Our on-site restaurant serves various traditional Ukrainian dishes as well as modern European food. The seasonal menu features dishes such as Borshch, which is a traditional soup made from beetroot, tomatoes and vegetables. Borshch is served hot in the winter and cold in the summer with two slices of brown or white bread. Another hugely popular traditional dish we serve is Varenyky which are traditional dumplings (potato pasta) and are often served with the Borshch. Our dumpling come with a choice of fillings: mince meat, mashed potato or mushrooms. Or if you can decide you can get one of each!

During the winter months (November – February) our take on the Uzvar is available. The Uzvar is a traditional Ukrainian drink is made with compote and dried fruit (apricots, apples and pears) and a dash of honey. This smooth, sweat drink is a delicious drink to have with desert!

Around Easter (March – May) we serve Paska, a sweet egg bread, which goes great with sausage. This is available to have at breakfast and can be enjoyed in addition to the buffet at no extra cost. The dishes described here are just a sample of the many traditional Ukrainian dishes that we serve. We aim to take our customers on a journey through Ukrainian cuisine and to help you get to know the culture, customs and tastes of the country. We wish to give you the most authentic experience possible.

Tables for dinner can be booked. In the week however this is not necessary, but we do recommend booking on a Friday and Saturday when we have music and dancing as it gets very busy with both locals and tourists alike.

A three course meal (starter, main, side dish, desert and a glass of wine) costs 911.89 UAH (£25 / $35)
A two course meal (main and starter / desert, side dish and a glass of wine) costs 656.56 UAH ($25 / £18)

Please note that all these rates are subject to change due to the fluctuation in exchange rates, however you will be notified at the time of booking if this isn’t the case.)